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With A Path Through, Jason Donaire intricately weaves bridges between the contemporary horror, science fiction and romance. Although deeply rooted in long-form storytelling, Donaire has written thought provoking short stories for many years and this experience is evident in his mind bending debut work.


A Path Through touches on questions of individuality, society and the nature of our universe.A man ushered into the role of leading the most powerful nation on Earth, only to be humbled by a dark secret. A young woman who walks to the same café every day suddenly meets her soulmate. A soldier caught up in a distant war discovers a frightening truth about the conflict—and his own reality.  A cruise ship’s Chief Security officer finds a young woman who is not in the passenger list.  And, in the story “A Path Through,” Donaire shines a light on a world that we all unconsciously ignore, propelling us into the darkest recesses of our minds.


Intriguing, scary and exciting, A Path Through is a rollercoaster ride of short stories, with a new installment released every first week of the month. The best part? It’s free.

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